Teachers and Healers

Aalyyah Covington, aka Covie  Bootcamp  and Zumba

I played division 1 basketball at Saint Louis University and have been training my entire life. I am currently finishing up my personal training certificate. I’ve been having fun offering my own special boot camp to facilitate your best cardio fitness. In the Bootcamp you interval train with the goals to burn calories and tone muscles (incorporate weights and other equipment) while using them properly. I also love to dance, therefore I’ve created Zumba Classes that can fit high or low impact needs based on your body. The music I incorporate with dance is a mix of Hip-Hop, Afro-beat and Latinx music. Most of my offerings are outside during the summer months, (unless it rains), so check in with me!  I hope you decide to join me. You will not regret it!! See you soon! 



Eileen Nyholt   KIS Yoga, Tuesday nights

(On hold- sometimes held in Lake Park)

I started my relationship with Yoga at the age of 16. I was bright eyed and seeking the answers to BIG questions. I practiced sporadically, on my own for many years. After graduating from college I started a yoga class and met a teacher who greatly inspired me. Her name is Linda Pon Owen, previously Linda Ryan. She taught through her actions, lifestyle and quietude. I studied with Linda for 10 years and when she moved away she asked me to take some of her classes.

I have been teaching yoga for eleven years. I have taught beginning and advanced classes through UWM and ongoing classes through the Yoga Center, Yoga Space and at HotCakes Gallery. The yoga that I practice is simple gentle Hatha style yoga. The class that I offer is a culmination of what I have studied and found to be helpful in my own practice.  I believe that Yoga is not a competition; it is a journey that can make life long changes that will enhance One’s life. You do not have to be flexible, strong, fit or young to do yoga. Yoga is for any shape or size, what is needed is an open mind. Hatha translated means to yoke, a yoke is a long pole that has a pail at each end and if weighted evenly allows the person carrying the load to comfortably carry more weight. Yoga is a discipline that brings the mind and body into balance. Interconnection I practice as a nurse midwife am a certified massage therapist, a mother, friend, lover and student of life. I have found that the common threads that run trough my life have been service and breath.   I was once told that as long as I serve “the People” that I would be taken care of, and have found this to be true.   Breathing is obviously essential to life but is totally taken for granted.   Breath becomes the focus of childbirth, parenting, relaxation, stress, and life.   The breath work that I have incorporated in my life has saved my life as well as enhancing it.  I hope to be able to share that with my students as well as some laughs and flexibility.  Email Eileen

Maria Bottoni 

Energizing Slow Flow, and Thai Massage

(On Hold second to Covid)

My yoga journey began in Milwaukee when I was 18 in 2006 when my friend suggested that I come to a yoga class with her and I have loved yoga ever since. From there, I moved to California and learned and practiced all different types of yoga. I taught elementary school and would teach kids yoga which inspired me to get officially certified to teach about 3 years ago. I became certified to teach at the Ananda Expanding Light retreat center in Grass Valley, California which is a community that lives based on the teachings of Yogananda. I have been teaching and practicing different styles of yoga since then such as Bikram, Vinyasa, Ananda, Yin, Corepower and Meditation.  I am always excited to evolve and learn different ways to add to classes and create new classes. 
Recently, I moved back to my hometown in Wisconsin. I am glad to be back and excited to share what I have learned along the way. In addition, I have my masters degree in education and administrative leadership and have tons of experience coordinating special events. Email Maria:

Claire Moore  – GIA 4 Everybody

Co-owner of the Pink House, and Certifies Senior Fitness Trainer (GIA) with further certifications held training held Pilates and Massage, Song and Chant Circles, Yoga (Modified)- Grace in Action’s Movement for  Life + Senior Fitness Coaching.

BFA, PTA and most recent Certification as Senior Fitness Trainer.  Her practice has also included years as a CMT and Pilates Instructor:  My movement training started as a ballet dancer as a child and young adult.  My first massage course was at the age of 16 from which I was inspired enough to move to New Mexico after high school for a Massage Therapy Certification (CMT).  It was in HS I also started with yoga. In my 30s I continued my quest for body knowledge, becoming a Physical Therapy Assistant in 2000. Today, I fuse my 30 + years of massage, 19 years in injury rehabilitation and movement education, with dance and yogic practices. In my early 30’s I created a “Kinesthetic coaching” hands-on approach, which  has progressed over the years into a comprehensive physical fitness method called Grace In Action, to increase relaxation and effortless movement. I have special class focuses, with  “Movement for Life”, – incorporating strength and balance for the aging body, or less fit body. Beyond this, I continue to enjoy working with breath, and song, to free the inner voice, and dance to free the spirit. I love helping people be their best in their bodies, easily and playfully, so the energy of life can flow.  to learn more about GIA, go to my website- or contact me at Email Claire,

Claire And Sarah on Riverwest Radio: Sharing Song Circle Experience listen, click here.

Sarah Moore  

Co-owner of the Pink House, Yoga, Dance, Song and Chant Circles, Hatha Vinyasa

Yoga, Dance, Everything Jams, Meditation and Natural living Support. Trained as a dancer and certified yoga teacher, Sarah also works as a clearing and simple living coach, helping people heal themselves, release the clutter in their lives and establish healthy patterns.  Sarah is active as a volunteer in our community.  She founded “Power Down Week“ in 2010 and passionately promotes “permaculture” and the planting of fruit and nut trees in our city. In 2012 she attended an 11 months nature immersion program in northern Wisconsin with her 2 sons and 30 other seekers, what she emerged with was trust.  “We are all already perfect, we are part of a magical circle of life and the world is loving us with every breath.  My goal is to use our connection to nature, awareness in our bodies and sensuality to help us reconnect to our sacred spirits, healing ourselves, our communities and world.” Email Sarah 


Samuel Carrion   

Self Awareness Through Martial Arts



Sam has been studying shorin-ryu shorinkan karate-do martial arts for over 25 years. He began in 1992, and earned his first degree black belt in 1994. He is now a third degree black belt. Martial arts is his passion and his love for this art is contagious. Senpai Sam makes sure his students leave smiling, and excited to come back! Currently He has been teaching at Authentic Ancient Arts, under the instructions of Kyoshi Neil Stolsmark, a 8th dan black belt. In search of more knowledge, Senpai Sam has traveled to Minnesota and Florida to visit other dojos and teachers. Senpai Sam is excited to continue his journey of learning and sharing these arts with new students in a our space! Sam usually creates 8 week segments for his instruction. Please see class schedule for dates, or you can connect with Senpai Sam to answer questions.  Email Sam:

Grace D’Amore  Connection Dance

I am an instigator of inspiration. I am hoping to bring more, CI, Zuok, as well as other dance modalities to PHS, where communication between partners is the greatest dimension in the dance.  Please, come,  enjoy, and check these things out!  My teaching style allows you to relax and enjoy the connecting that happens within the dance. I have mastered the art of cueing, the connection to music and movement, and holding space… with a bit of  play through it all.


Martha, Doulawoman
Martha: doulawoman 

     Martha, Doula Woman; Primarily Prenatal Yoga

     Martha here. I’m a birth-keeper, mother, wise-woman, intuitive being, and yogi.
      I love to spread JOY and to move my body and mind, to worship Mother Earth.
     Yoga called to me as: 
     –  a space to be in the moment, free from hierarchy
     –  a circle to breath and sit and move in harmony with others
     –  a path to build listening skills
     –  an energetic exchange with earthly beings and the universe.